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COD Wind chimes

COD Chimes

The COD Chimes family of instruments are focusing on a single sound frequency, resonating clearly for a long period of time. This type of resonance allows the sound waves to impact and move our energy center in a more accurate way.

The long-lasting resonance penetrates our 7  main Chakras and generates movement and change.

Whether by the sound healer's intention or by harnessing the power of the wind, beautiful clear sound waves move through the air, filling the space with lightness and fluidity.

We use top-grade aluminum tubes, tuned precisely to the Brennan frequencies of the Chakras.

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COD Wind Chime

The COD Wind Chime is a unique, one-of-a-kind, handmade instrument.
It is carefully tuned to the sound frequencies resonating in
every human body - the 7 chakras.

This Wind Chime will harness the element of air to bring serenity,
balance, and flow to its surroundings.

Resonating soft melodies in perfect harmony.

You are welcome to hang the COD Wind Chime wherever you choose

It is treated to endure rain, frost, and direct sunlight.

For heavy wind areas, simply shorten the string holding the round air receiver. The longer the string - the more movement it generates.

Hight - Aprox. 160 cm / 5.2 ft

Weight - Aprox. 3.8 kg / 3.8 lb


The COD Wind Chime is handcrafted with the intention of bringing peace, movement, positive energy, inspiration, and alignment.


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Floating  Chimes

The COD Floating Chimes is a small, yet powerful healing tool.

It is tuned to the higher register of the 7 Brennan sound frequencies.

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