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Mini COD
  • Mini COD

    The MiniCOD is the smallest drum from the COD family


    A tongue drum tuned to our body’s energy centers, the 7 chakras.

    This is a great option for kids. The Mini COD Helps children to develop their social skills in an intuitive and joyful way,  

    This drum can also be nice for the curious, the beginner seeking to discover their musicality and natural expression.


    The Mini COD can also be a fantastic companion for those that love hiking and traveling with peaceful vibes. This drum is lighter in weight, and the vibrant colors help you to connect to the child within. 


    30cm/11.8 inch in diameter.

    2 KG / 4.41 LB



    US,Canada & Australia - 55 USD

    Europe - 50 USD


    If you have a specific color you wish to order, Tell us about it and we'll try to fullfil your wish! 


    email to make a special request

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