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Facilitator Major 8 Note
  • Facilitator Major 8 Note

    This popular COD model has 8 notes and comes in 2 different scales.

    Only The extra 8th note is different in the two scales, the other 7 notes are the same chakra frequencies.

    The addition of this 8th note creates either a major or a minor scale. The difference is the energetic motion that these scales evoke. It is important to say that the 8th note (in both models) does not resonate in our bodies like the other 7 chakra notes. It is there to generate a certain flow.

    The Major scale represents an outwards motion. it will lift and inspire you and your listeners, take you to the next level, and focus on contact and relationship with the outside world. It holds the masculine energy flow.

    Major - my relationship with the world

    The Facilitator's COD comes with a complimentary custom-made case and a pair of COD mallets.



    42cm/16.5 inches in diameter.

    Weight: 4.3 KG \ 9.48 LB


    Shipping fees: 

    US,Canada & Australia - 90 USD

    Europe - 85 USD

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