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KING COD 10 Note
  • KING COD 10 Note

    The KING COD has 4 root notes that vibrate very long and deep with rich low frequency feelings. The chords you can create are richer and more diverse. We made the body larger so the resonance is longer and the body of sound is bigger.  We added 3 notes on the bottom, making the body larger for more resonance and depths of sound. The note in the center is an octave below the Sacral Chakra. This drum opens the player to more possibilities when creating rhythms and chord progressions. 

    The Minor scale represents a movement inwards. It's about exploring our internal world, it will light up the dark corners in you and in your listeners, and it will take you to the depths of your being. It is the feminine aspect of who we are.

    Minor - my relationship with myself


    The Major scale represents an outwards motion. it will lift and inspire you and your listeners, take you to the next level, and focus on contact and relationship with the outside world. It holds the masculine energy flow.

    Major - my relationship with the world


    The KING COD comes with a complimentary custom-made case and a pair of COD mallets.


    50cm/19.5 inches in diameter.

    5.8 KG \ 12.79 LB



    US, Canada, Australia - 140 USD

    Europe - 135 USD

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