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COD N'goni
  • COD N'goni

    The west African N'goni, or in its full name - kamalengoni ("young man's harp") is a traditional string instrument originated in Mali and played by the Griot - a cast of musicians and storytellers.


    For hundreds of years, through the songs and melodies of the N'goni, traditions were kept, ceremonies were held and healing rituals were practiced within the tribes.

    Normally, all N'gonis are tuned to traditional pentatonic scales depending on the region and tribe of the Griot.

    The COD N'goni  is a fusion between old and new, it brings together sounds and melodies from ancient times to our modern environment.


    The COD N'goni has 12 strings and is tuned to the frequencies of your body.


    The strings will move and vibrate your energy centers as beautiful melodies will unfold through your fingers, they will re-tune and re-balance your entire system.


    The COD N'goni is a 100% one-of-a-kind handmade instrument

    The body is made of a Calabash (a sort of African pumpkin) bought in Burkina-Faso, a White Maple wood for the neck, and a skin from an African goat.


    The strings are very strong fishing lines of different sizes.

    It takes 7-14 days to build one instrument and attention to detail is at our highest concern. 

    All COD N'gonis are made in collaboration with KALI SOUND and are hand-built by Mr. Geoffrey Yonathan Ohana

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