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Help your child discover their musicality and natural expression


Suitable for small hands and big hearts

Meet the MiniCOD

The MiniCOD is the smallest and lightest drum from the COD family.  A tongue drum tuned to our body’s energy centers, the 7 chakras. Help your child discover their musicality and natural expression, Developing social skills in an intuitive and joyful way, and harness the power of music in an off-screen fun activity

How can we make sound healing accessible for children?

How can we let them experience the effect of sound and movement at a young age?

How can we, as adults, inspire and harness our children to bring balance and alignment to the house?

The MiniCOD is a unique healing instrument, designed for small hands and big hearts.

It is tuned to the natural frequencies of the human body and allows the younger generation to play and interact while resonating calming, balancing sound frequencies to their environment.

The MiniCOD is light and compact, comes in a protective bag and a pair of special mallets.


Fill your home with coloful sound

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