Musician, Sound healer & COD facilitator.

Since 1999, following Music Studies in Mali, Central America, and the Far East, Hidai has been facilitating group work through the connecting power of music.

Alongside a rich career as a performing artist, Playing and recording world music with several bands, Hidai developed a unique way of integrating music and rhythm with emotional personal and group developmental work. Over the years, Hidai has gained experience working with various conditions such as PTSD, Emotional exhaustion, Down Syndrome, ADHD and more.

In late 2014, with the help of Mr. Yadin Kaplansky - An Integrative Psychotherapist and a Brennan Healing Science Integration Work Practitioner, Hidai developed the Chakra Overtone Drum and later on the " COD healing" method. This unique musical/healing instrument and technique are now the main practice of Hidai, he gives lectures, workshops, and privet sessions all over the world. Supported by an international group of wonderful people, Hidai and the COD team are constantly working on developing more instruments and "tools of sound" with the intention of enriching the world of sound healing.

Since 2015, Hidai is a part of "The spirit of Ubuntu" - an international group of healers, psychotherapists, and spiritual teachers.

He is also a part of the ITPA - Israeli Transpersonal Psychotherapy Association.

Hidai is a husband and a father, currently living in Israel

Visit Hidai at >> www.hidailiberman.com

For me, the COD was a lifeline.

The drum came into my life when I needed it the most. when I longed for change when I had to move forward.

I'm a musician. I have been a musician all my life. Since I remember myself music has been there for me, supporting, elevating, comforting, calming my troubled soul. Music is my way of expressing who I really am.

The COD arrived when I started losing faith in music. when I had enough of what I was doing and began to be tired of it.

I was ready to let the music go.


The COD entered my life through my childhood friend, Yadin. He was the only one who was able to evoke and support this enormous burst of inspiration and innovation. His idea of tuning my instruments to frequencies that resonate in the body was the start of this whole journey. And together we've created the first generation of CODs.

Yadin was there next to me through all my doubts and fears, through my small baby steps in the field of healing and process facilitation, and with me started the Chakra Overtone Drum project.


The COD is much more than an instrument.

Yes, of course, I use it to make music... music so rich and magical, so touching and moving, so capable of making a change... the most meaningful music I've ever made... yet the music is only the beginning.

The COD is a tool!

The COD is my tuner.

When I play it, an immediate reaction in my body is happening. Like receiving a massage, only not to the physical tissue, this massage is for my energy field... for my emotions.

The COD is my mirror.

Through it, I learn more of who I am, where I am stuck, where is my body holding tension, when I am in my head, when I am free from my ranting mind...

The COD is a map.

It tells the story of who I am, of where I've been, of my potential...

The COD is my voice.

I talk through its sounds, expressing my pain, my fears, my joy, my longings...

The COD is a bridge.

between people, between ideas and disputes. It helps me to better communicate and share my truth...

The COD is my wave.

teaching me to become water, to soften up, to allow emotions and fluidity to pass through my body and soul...

The COD is a way for me to share my gifts with the world...

The COD is my life. line.


What is the COD for me?




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